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Milk Can

We offer a perfect selection of milk cans for the dairy & food industry. These products are used by many small, medium and large dairy farms. They are great for distribution of milk from rural areas. Durable and versatile in nature, the cans are also used for household purposes. There are various sizes and types available. These products are made with FDA approved material. Hence they are hygienic and unbreakable. The milk containers are rust-free, leak-proof and easy to clean. Less in weight, they are easy to handle or carry. Our range is truly affordable as well as practical. It meets your high capacity, high volume and heavy duty needs. Our plastic milk cans are ideal for storage & transportation applications.
Product Image (Sv 32)

Roto Moulded Milk Cans


  • Type :Solid
  • Shape :Rectangle
  • Brand :Surya
  • Color :White
  • Capacity :As Per Client

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  • Application :Milk can
  • Surface treatment :Polished
  • Brand :Surya
  • Color :Blue
  • Capacity :15 Litres