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Plastic Crates

We offer a complete line of plastic crates. These are ideal for a variety of storage applications in many industries. Also, they are made from hygienic materials such as HDPE. They are suited for handling food items, dairy products, industrial goods, and more. Our offered crates are light-weight, rust free, easy to wash and clean. They are maintenance free in nature. The plastic crates are perfect for storage and transportation needs. We keep up with numerous crate designs, sizes and types to meet every need. There is right solution for industrial, commercial and general uses. Our various crate models are designed for specific purposes. They are practical in small to large businesses. Our range is perfect in terms of design, construction, quality and utility.
Product Image (Jumbo Crate)

Jumbo Crate


  • Dimension : 809X565X431mm
  • Capacity : 76 Litre
  • Shape : Rectangular
  • Color :Blue

Product Image (Multi Purpose Crate)

Multi Purpose Crates


  • Model Number 43065 CL
  • Capacity 20 Liters-30 Liters
  • Dimension/Size 400x 300 x65 mm
  • Color Blue

Product Image (Sv 20)

Bakery Crates


  • Brand Surya
  • Storing Material Edible
  • Color Red, blue etc
  • Shape Rectangular, Square
  • Capacity As Per Client

Product Image (Sv 30)

Fabricated Crates


  • Size :542x360x290mm
  • Material :HDPE
  • Brand:Surya
  • Color :Red
  • Capacity :35 Litre